A gentle but firm foot massage therapy which incorporates the skilled application of pressure to reflex points on the feet which relate to organs and parts of the body.
It eases stress and tension, improves circulation and elimination of toxins, encourages the body's immune response and provides a feeling of total relaxation, calm and well-being.
Reflexology was one of the first disciplines I studied and was what drew me into the field in the first place. It is the discipline in which I have had the longest experience and, judging by some of the feedback, the most effective.
In my opinion it is a very good therapy for somebody to try who is new to holistic therapies.


Massage can be both a relaxing and stimulating treatment.
It is manipulation of soft body tissue, helping to; improve your skin and muscle tone; rid the body of toxins; and improve circulation. I will tailor the treatment to suit your individual needs.
Like many other holistic treatments massage is particularly effective at tackling stress.

Massage is one area that I am particularly interested in and have been actively developing by attending various advanced courses, mostly with the Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine, the London School of Massage and Jing Massage Institute in Brighton.

In early 2007 I took a 4 day introductory course in Deep Tissue Massage which was fascinating and quite a turning point for me. It is very different from but an extension to the basic Swedish Holistic Massage techniques. It enables specific issues to be addressed and works deeply in the muscles to relax, stretch and release. By nature, the work is slow and strong and sometimes can be a little uncomfortable but my clients say that it is a "nice" pain and that they can feel the release happening. Sometimes movement is incorporated - a bit like "passive yoga". The therapist works with the client rather than simply on the client, changing position on the table when necessary and with much more interaction.

More recently, I have taken other additional courses in Trigger Points, Deep Tissue Techniques for Back and Shoulders, Neuro-Muscular Technique, Massage for the Elderly, Effective Postural Assessment and Hawaiian Style Flowing Massage, all of which are really useful additions to my skill set and, together with the dissertation I wrote on the advantages of massage for people living with MND, contributed to my gaining the MSCM Advanced Massage Diploma in June 2008.  Through 2010 I will be attending a Dissection Workshop which will give a wonderful insight to the structure of, for instance, the rotator cuff of the shoulder, the musculature of the neck and shoulder blades.  In 2010, I took training for Seated Acupressure Massage which is great for people who find it difficult to lay on their front (eg; pregnant) or need neck and shoulder relief urgently without the need to undress. The most recent courses I have done were for Myofascial Release at Jing in Brighton and Frozen Shoulder and Related Conditions at The Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine in Ruislip.

As you see, training and the gaining of knowledge for me is on-going - (and I hope it never stops!)

So, come and see me to help free up that creaky neck or aching shoulder - You'll be in safe hands! 

Eastern Face, Neck & Shoulder Massage

This is quite like Indian Head Massage in many ways but even more relaxing for you as it is performed with the client is lying down.
It is not a beauty treatment as such, but is a "natural facelift" through massage. Designed to be a gentle, non-invasive approach to looking younger.
It works primarily by freeing constrictions within your facial muscles and in the connective tissue.
It is incredibly relaxing! - clients often fall asleep during the treatment!
This therapy has been so popular, it has virtually replaced the usual Indian Head Massage.
It is marvellous way to end your session when added onto another treatment such as reflexology or a massage.  I usually incorporate some neck release massage into this treatment and it is a good "add-on" to a back and shoulders massage. 

Thermo-Auricular Therapy

Also known as 'Hopi Ear Candling' this treatment involves gently inserting a lit, hollow candle (made from linen, honey, herbs and essential oils) into the ear canal. When the candles have burned to a certain point (approx 12mins per ear), they are removed and extinguished, then your ears, face and neck are massaged.
The therapy can benefit a number of conditions affecting the ears, head and sinuses. It is very good for pre and post flying. An extremely relaxing treatment.
The slightly extra price includes the cost of a pair of best quality “Biosun” Hopi Candles.
Due to fire alarm systems and insurance, I am unable to offer this treatment on-site.


I am happy to combine any of these treatments in part or whole. I would suggest at least a one hour session for a combination treatment which, at current pricing, would cost £40. For instance Thermo-Auricular Therapy is greatly enhanced if followed by the Eastern Face Massage. And a face or back massage is wonderful if followed or preceded by Reflexology.

I am always happy to discuss any other combinations or ideas you have.