Hi there!  If you have a few moments, I'd like to introduce myself and tell you a bit about Rothleigh Grange; what I do and why I do it.

       Phil Atkin MICHT

Born, bred and grown up Cambridge, I worked in precision engineering for 40 years, doing my apprenticeship at Cambridge Scientific Instruments moving through jobs in medical research, design consultancies, finally specializing in designing, developing and producing complex parts and assemblies for novel technology "Tonejet" digital printing machines at The Technology Partnership, a consultancy in Melbourn.

Through the 90's, with retirement encroaching, I was generally on the look out for something I could do in retirement - it could have been golf, water colours, gardening, DIY etc. etc.

Following a spate of minor ill health - colds that wouldn't clear up, generally run down, stressed out at work etc - my wife bought me a voucher for a Reflexology treatment.  "What's all that then? Load of old cobblers, for woossies I reckon!"(You may gather, being an engineer, I'm a bit of a cynical old codger!)

The voucher laid on the sideboard for some months, but I eventually went for the treatment, and had to admit that I felt fantastic after it so I went back for more.
Over a few weeks  and months, I gradually began to feel better & I've been having Reflexology regularly ever since.  Now, I'm totally convinced of the health & well-being benefits of not just reflexology but many other complementary therapies.

So, after these first experiences, I attended a taster course in Reflexology at Hills Road College.
The tutor (Celia Radha) was so inspiring and I took to it like a duck to water.        I had the overriding feeling that I could DO this.  I had found what I'd been looking for.

So that's where it all started really!

Following that short course, I persuaded a group of my work colleagues (of both genders) to let me use them as guinea pigs and did lunchtime sessions at work.
(If I was going to do this, I would need to become good at it and the only way to do that was to practice. I also needed to test myself to see if I would tire of it or lose interest. In fact, the very opposite has happened.)  They also became convinced of the benefits.

I figured that, if I was going to do this seriously, I'd need to be able to offer a wider range of treatments and to get the appropriate professional qualifications.
So I took vocational training at Cambridge Regional College where I achieved VTCT qualifications in Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Swedish Massage.

Since then, I have attended numerous other courses which include Advanced Massage, Hawaiian Style Massage, Thermo-Auricular Therapy (Hopi Candles), Reiki (Level 1), Eastern Facial Massage, Thai Foot, Leg & Hand Massage and various aspects of Deep Tissue Massage.

The most recent courses have been at The Jing Institute in Brighton: Myofascial Release and Treatment for Neck and Shoulder Pain. Both were really inspirational and my clients are already reporting huge improvements.                        

There is a full list of my qualifications and certificates at the bottom of this page.  Training is on-going so watch out for new, additional and improved therapies.

As soon as I became fully professionally qualified, I had the opportunity to join the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) through which I am fully professionally insured.
So you can also relax in the knowledge that I am bound by the FHT code of ethics.
Which means that, as a client, you can be confident that good hygiene will always be practiced, your modesty will be preserved at all times and that total confidentiality is always assured.

In 2006, I decided that life is too short to be doing all this engineering stuff that I really wasn't interested in any more so I decided to take early retirement to free me up to develop my skills and, hopefully, do a little good in the world.

I have been actively involved in organising a local support group both with the FHT and more recently with our independent group Medella for nearly 300 therapists, many of whom are also members of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. We organised monthly talks on a wide range of health related topics and I also provided occasional massage development training workshops which were always very popular. Unfortunately in April 2018 we had to disband the Medella group through insufficient support to maintain finances.

This is some genuine feedback from one of my workshops:   

I would just like to say that I really enjoyed the course on Saturday.      

I learned some new stuff which I enjoyed. We all had a laugh which is always good for everyone and I left feeling very motivated .    

I feel that you are fantastic at teaching these courses. I love the way that you explain things, I understand things. The venue was great & the biscuits :)    

Everyone really got on and it was nice to for me to meet new people and exchange stories. So a massive THANK YOU to you too. I look forward to seeing what's next, & hope that I will be able to make it :) 

Another important part of my retirement plan, having witnessed the benefits that can be derived at a very early stage of training, was to do some voluntary work, initially for Arthur Rank House and more recently for The Cambridge Cancer Help Centre at The David Rayner Building next to Scotsdales Garden Centre and I also have been doing regular visits for people living with Motor Neurone Disease and Muscular Dystrophy. 

So what & where exactly is "Rothleigh Grange"?

Well, I have to admit, Rothleigh Grange doesn't actually exist.
When I was doing the courses at CRC, we had to design brochures, letterheads for GP referal letters etc. At the time I lived in "Rothleigh" Road. We used to jokingly refer to our house as Rothleigh Mansions! (The wife & I were the Marquis & Marchionness of Rothleigh!!)
I wanted to call my "business" something other than just my name.
All the clever names were either being used or sound too cheesy!
"Rothleigh Grange" just seemed to have a nice ring to it so I used it, and it kind of stuck.
So now it does exist, if only "virtually" as this website and in my therapy room at home!  But essentially, Rothleigh Grange is where ever I am.

"Rothleigh Grange is a state of mind, a haven of peace and tranquillity, where YOU are the only person that matters."

Please have a look at the other pages for info on the treatments I offer and the "blokes" and "girls" pages for testimonials.



Current list of qualifications and certificates gained

Jul '03                 Indian Head Massage

Apr '04               Language of the Feet Workshop

Jun '04                Advanced Reflexology for Stress

Sep '04               Thermo-Auricular Therapy

Oct '04                Advanced Reflexology Techniques Seminar

Nov '04               L3 Reflexology Diploma

Jan '05                Language of the Feet Workshop

Mar '05               "Reflexathon" Fund Raising Day   (raised £1190)

Jul '05                 Reiki 1st Degree

Apr '06               Eastern Facial Massage Diploma

Jul '06                 Health Balance Massage Workshop

Jul '06                 L3 Swedish Massage Diploma

Oct '06                Thai Foot & Hand Massage

Mar '07               Beyond The Routine Massage Workshop

Sep '07               Prepare & Deliver Developing Massage Lecture

Sep '07               Trigger Points

Sep '07               NMT

Nov '07               Deep Tissue for Back & Neck

Jun '08                Massage for the Elderly

Jun '08                Advanced Massage Diploma - Submit MND Project

Jun '08                Effective Assessment Skills

Jul '08                 MND Training Day

Jul '08                 FHT LSG Mtg - Deliver Dev. Mass. Talk

Sep '08               Hawaiian Hands Free Advanced Massage

Mar '09               FHT LSG Workshop - Sports Spine

Apr '09               FHT LSG Prepare & Deliver Day Workshop

Oct '09                CAMEXPO Workshop Lymphatic Drainage

Oct '09                CAMEXPO Workshop Clinical tips for the Back

Jan '10                FHT LSG Mtg - Deliver Spreadsheet. Talk

May '10              Dissection Day at Guy's Hosp - London School of Massage

Jun '10                FHT LSG Prepare & Deliver Day Workshop

Jul '10                 FHT LSG Prepare & Deliver Day Workshop

Oct '10                FHT Education Programme Chair Massage 2 Days

Nov '10               FHT 1 Day Treating Common Back & Neck Conditions

Nov '10               FHT 1 Day Deep Tissue Massage

Apr '11               FHT LSG Prepare & Deliver 1 Day Massage Workshop

Apr '11               FHT LSG Prepare & Deliver 1 Day Massage Workshop

Aug '11               First Aid Course

Dec '12               Advanced Massage Workshop RSI, Golf & Tennis Elbow

Mar '14               Myofascial Release 3 Day Workshop (Jing Brighton)

Nov '17               Neck and Shoulder Pain 2 Day Workshop (Jing Brighton)

Mar '18               Frozen Shoulder and Related Conditions (MSCM)

Jul '18                 Soft Tissue Release 1 Day Workshop (FHT at LSBM London)