Come on now fellas - bet you clicked on this page first didn't you!!

I just felt it would just be worth clarifying a few points that relate to ladies in particular:

A small point: I always have some nice, pre-blended essential oil vapourising in a diffuser.  I'm not a qualified aroma therapist so if you have a favourite oil, please feel free to bring it along or let me know in advance & I'll try to get some in for you.

I've said it already in the profile section but it's worth saying again that, being fully professionally qualified, I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and, as such, I am bound by their code of ethics.
This means that as well as standards of hygiene etc, whichever therapy you choose, your modesty will be protected at all times and you can rest assured that confidentiality is assured.

Another point which I feel is an advantage is that I keep my fingernails very short. It may sound obvious, but some therapists don't.

I could imagine that some ladies may feel slightly nervous simply by the fact that I am a "bloke". This is quite understandable but I think I can most easily easily put your mind at ease by quoting you some genuine feedback comments from existing clients:

"Thanks so much for sorting out the knots in my back yesterday, it has worked wonders and I’m feeling much better.  I’ve been doing a few gentle stretching exercises as you suggested and I am almost back to normal." 

"I usually arrive at Phil’s feeling stressed and tense but, after my face, neck and deep tissue back massage, I always leave feeling like a new woman!"

"I have been visiting Phil for a monthly deep tissue massage for over 8 years. He has worked wonders on my dodgy shoulder but, more than that, he has also taught me how to relax properly!  I would definitely recommend a visit to Phil at "Rothleigh Grange" as you will be looked after both physically & spiritually."

"Phil is great!  Each massage is different and tailored to my particular needs at that time.  I leave feeling relaxed and have much less shoulder and back pain than I used to."

"A big thank you for doing the massage Phil. It has helped me in may ways i.e sleep is better and the heaviness on the shoulder is less and less tight therefore my head is clearer - I can think straight for once! All positive stuff!"

"Just to say I really enjoyed my reflexology massage yesterday, it was an amazingly relaxing and quite unique experience and my poor battered feet feel like new!!! Thank you so much again, I will definitely recommend you and be visiting you again."

"I do a lot of sports and it can take its toll.  Whether it’s snowboarding or hockey that’s done the damage, a therapeutic massage with Phil always leaves me with improved mobility and distinctly refreshed.  I was sceptical about the reflexology, having been used to more intense physical manipulation, but it left me feeling wonderfully energised!""My back was a bit sore when I got home but I'd imagine that's normal.  I think my back has had such little attention for so long that I may come and see you again sooner rather than later.  My back feels a lot more loose and relaxed today so you certainly relieved a lot of tension!  Thank you so much!"

"I'd like to thank you for coming in and providing such a lovely service. The room was very calming and professional and I appreciate your courtesy regarding privacy and comfort."

"Please please please come in again after Christmas!  I'll definitely be interested in another session.  Thanks very much - Mr Magic Hands!!!"

"After my face, neck, head and shoulder massage this week, I had the best night's sleep I've had in months."

"The treatment was fab!  Felt great after and actually slept quite well all this week.  A huge thank you for fitting me in at short notice and it was nice to see you again after a too long spell.  Looking forward to having another treatment with you in the near future."

"Thanks again for the back and neck treatment - all better now!  Such a relief to be out of pain and I think it really helped to catch it early>"

(re: Hawaiian) "I had a little anxiousness -  wondering what it would be like, but that soon went!  I felt safe, relaxed and not exposed at all.  The head and neck part was wonderful.  I would recommend it to anyone.  Felt wonderful afterwards especially later on in the evening. So; good all round, lovely massage, my whole body felt different - stress free. Keep up the good work!"

"Just to say thanks for the treatment – the reflexology was absolute bliss and my neck is feeling so much better."

"Many thanks for the superb treatment yesterday. Certainly the best back massage I've ever had without a doubt."

"Thank you for a very relaxing treatment. Reflexology when performed correctly can work wonders for people. I feel much clearer today and my legs are as light as a feather."

"Thanks again for today, I really feel so much better (as usual after each session with you!)" 

"I have not felt so good for a long, long time. Double session works wonders (reflexology and back massage). This has improved my trapped nerve beyond belief and I can move again!  Definitely recommended for back problems or just for pleasure!"

"I can feel you’re doing things at an advanced and deeper level than other massages that I’ve had in the past.  And I’ll be back."

"You made me feel so safe and secure with a wonderful feeling of wellbeing that I'd never experienced before - truly wonderful."

"Every session I have had with Phil, be it Reflexology, Back Massage, Face Massage or Indian Head Massage, has always made me feel 100% better than I did prior to the treatment."

"Phil has the most wonderful touch with whatever treatment you are having and he will personalise his technique to suit you and your needs."

"Phil is one of the most caring, thoughtful and genuinely nicest men I have ever met, he is a very special human being who’s most important aim in life is to give peace, pain-relief and stress-relieving pleasure to all his clients - a very wonderful man."

"I just want to thank you again for the massage last night, I was highly relaxed and it has worked wonders for me! I had the best night’s sleep I have had in a while and my back is pain free this morning. I didn’t doubt it wouldn’t, and I’m very pleased with the results so far!"

"Phil has the most wonderful "hands", you wouldn't believe it for such a big man! He always makes you feel very relaxed, is not at all intimidating, and doesn't mind if you "nod" off whilst he is doing his magic. I always have a wonderful night's sleep after a reflexology session with Phil. He has certainly assisted in preventing my usual niggly aches and pains, and I would recommend him to anyone, even if it is simply to unwind and relax for a short period of time in an otherwise hectic day."

“Before I moved Down South I used to have reflexology regularly, every couple of weeks.
After I moved, I got out of the habit but when I started at XXX Ltd. it was great to find out that Phil provided this reflexology service…and during work hours as well!
I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 9 years ago and I use reflexology as a relaxation technique.
My legs and feet are becoming very lethargic and have episodes of numbness.
I find reflexology a beneficial, enjoyable and very relaxing experience.
Phil has used ‘advanced reflexology techniques’ (ART) which is a more advanced concentrated technique, and very useful…especially when I have periods of extreme numbness.
After the sessions I find I am in an extremely peaceful state-of-mind and have a massive feeling of well-being!
I recently introduced a colleague to reflexology; she needed some convincing as she was convinced it was just methodical ‘tickling’!
Since her trial ‘taster session’ she has booked regular, full sessions and is now really enjoying it."

I asked: What do you like most about your treatments?

"The thing I like about it is it's "my time" which is a luxury for me, also it has a wonderfully de-stressing effect. I like the feeling of calm, support, well-being you create before, during and after the session."

I asked: Can you report any specific results?

"I have not felt so good for a long long time. The double session works wonders (reflexology and back massage). This has improved my trapped nerve beyond belief! and I can move again. Definitely recommended for back problems or just pleasure!"

"After 3 weeks my hearing just returned, was it yesterday’s treatment or just coincidence?"

"Possibly; aches, pains and joints are generally less troublesome, but couldn't say for sure if this was connected with reflexology"

"Stress is my biggest ailment, this treatment is assisting me to cope and deal with it better"

"I get a twinge down my back and leg. Recent sessions have focused on this and the twinge seems to have gone...coincidence or not?"

I asked: Do you believe in the principles of Reflexology?

"It is possible to feel responses in many areas of the body when certain parts of the foot are worked on."

"Yes and I believe that the treatment helps to clear lymph and flush out toxins from the body."

"I don't mind if it is a placebo effect, it still seems to work somehow!."


and finally:

“I would recommend anyone interested to try reflexology but would suggest they have more than one session to get any real benefit.”

“Thank you once again for the treatment last night, it was truly wonderful as usual, I did sleep a lot better than I have lately.”

“I thought I might be in for a night of cramp but in fact you must have stimulated my circulation and I didn't feel one twinge.”