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The key thing I'd like to say here is that the therapies I offer are just as effective in all respects for men as they are for women. A high percentage of my regular clients are male, they have been with me quite a while and come back to me regularly for treatments. So it's very much not just a "girl thing".

After all those years in engineering, I'm a naturally cynical person.
I speak as I find, and I will not practice anything which I do not believe will be effective or that I am not comfortable with.
So what you get from me is holistic therapies without all the old "twoddle" that sometimes is associated with it.
It's simply about giving yourself the "quality time" break from the mad world, allowing yourself to totally relax and therefore giving your body a chance to recoup.

To give you an idea of what to expect, a while back I asked some of my clients to complete a questionnaire.
Here are some genuine comments from existing clients.

Genuine feedback comments:

I've tried a few "hypothetically" similar therapeutic massages from various practitioners over the past few years to help ease some shoulder issues, and they differ in all but name to what Phil provides - he's the best, hands down, and operates on a completely different level. Every manipulation feels targeted and purposeful, guided by experience and understanding, and the results speak for themselves. A Phil massage is a fantastic experience that leaves me relaxed like nothing else. I'm happy to be a "regular" 

I have known Phil both professionally and as a friend for more years than either of us cares to contemplate. Our friendship predates his transition into alternative therapies. What I can say without fear of contradiction is that Phil was a dedicated and meticulous professional in his previous life, and that he brings all of those qualities and more into his new venture. I visit him once a month, as I have done for much of the past 15 years, for the most amazing and relaxing experience.  He is a big bloke but those hands are the gentlest you will find anywhere.  He hasn’t paid me to write these words and doesn’t have to as his prices are more than reasonable, and the value he provides is outstanding.

Just to say I really enjoyed my reflexology massage yesterday, it was an amazingly relaxing and quite unique experience and my poor battered feet feel like new!!! Thank you so much again, I will definitely recommend you and be visiting you again.

I do a lot of sports and it can take its toll.  Whether it’s snowboarding or hockey that’s done the damage, a therapeutic massage with Phil always leaves me with improved mobility and distinctly refreshed.  I was sceptical about the reflexology, having been used to more intense physical manipulation, but it left me feeling wonderfully energised! A big thank you for doing the massage Phil. It has helped me in may ways i.e sleep is better and the heaviness on the shoulder is less and less tight therefore my head is clearer - I can think straight for once! All positive stuff!

Many thanks for the superb treatment yesterday. Certainly the best back massage I've ever had without a doubt.

Thank you for yesterday, it worked the kinks out nicely.

I can feel you’re doing things at an advanced and deeper level than other massages that I’ve had in the past.  And I’ll be back.

I have not felt so good for a long, long time. The double session worked wonders for me (reflexology and back massage). It has improved my trapped nerve beyond belief! and I can move again. Definitely recommended for back problems or just pleasure!

I asked: How do you feel you personally benefit from Reflexology?

I benefit by totally relaxing which is something I've never been able to do before
It definitely enhances my well-being and rapid recovery from sport activities
I always sleep better after a treatment
I find the main benefit to be simply spending time focusing on relaxation
Calm and relaxation feeling - a break from my hectic lifestyle

I asked: What do you like most about your treatments?

The feeling of total relaxation during and after, the feeling seems to last a bit longer each time
It makes an hour in the day to totally relax and unwind, it has really helped me to relax every muscle and clear my mind

I asked: Can you report any specific results?

Possibly; aches, pains and joints are generally less troublesome, but couldn't say for sure if this was connected with reflexology
My tennis elbow no longer troubles me
Elbow and lower back pain have been relieved, it helped me to calm down when stress levels were high
Stress is my biggest ailment, this treatment is assisting me to cope and deal with it better
Yes. Back/shoulder ache due to long hours driving - muscle tension from stress has all but disappeared
I often get a twinge down my back and leg. Recent sessions have focused on this and the twinge seems to have gone...coincidence or not??
Elbow and lower back pain relieved, help calm down stress levels

I asked: Do you believe in the principles of Reflexology?

It is possible to feel responses in many areas of the body when certain parts of the foot are worked on.
Yes, and I believe that the treatment helps to clear lymph and flush out toxins from the body.
I don't mind if it is a placebo effect, it still seems to work somehow!

And finally:

“Well, I had a very good sleep last night, the first night in quite a while that I slept through!”
“It has helped improve my sleep pattern and reduce my stress levels at work”
“The after effects have been positive and long lasting.”
“The difference between before and after my visits are really noticeable, not only by me but by everyone around me”